Time and space crossing of a piece of leather

3月 13, 2019 by xuzan

A piece of leather, passed down from the leather craftsmen of the Styat Dynasty. From ancient carriage seats to limited edition handbags; from the seats of the Ford T-car to the skin of the Leica camera body, leather always finds the entrance through time and space, and uniquely pushes the ingenuity and focus to luxury. Extreme.

The years have changed, the dynasty has changed, and the emperor has been smashing the dust with the pawn. But the leather craftsmen of the Stuart dynasty did not think that the ingenuity of the leather was poured into the forefront of history from their time, witnessing the birth of an important moment of humanity.

A leather-made carriage seat witnessed the assassination of Grand Duke Ferdinand, and it broke out in World War I.

A leather-made handbag that witnessed the people in the Great Depression finally got out of trouble with their hardworking hands and won prosperity.

The Eagle Leather Watercraft leather of a Ford Model T witnessed the birth of the assembly line car. The journey of ordinary people has for the first time in human history to get rid of the bitterness of separation. The footprint has never been far away.

The leather of a Leica camera also witnessed how the battlefield photos taken by Robert Capa inspired young people to go to the front and eventually win the freedom and glory of World War II.

The selection of leather on the car instrument panel is more stringent. After the most experienced leather craftsmen observe with the eyes of the spirit, touch with the hands of the psychic, feel with the heart of the craftsman, and discern the thickness difference of 0.2 mm like a needle tip, which will be the most flat. The leather is cast on the dashboard.

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